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Workshops @ The Sanskrit Culinary Arts
At his cooking school the Sanskrit Culinary Arts, Chef Khanna offers a variety of workshops and classes for those interested in culinary arts. Public Classes include Appetizers & Relishes, Healthy Indian Cooking, Vegetarian Delights, Ayurvedic Foods, Indo-Chinese, Indian Grill. Private and semi-private classes available. Schedule customized to fit your needs. Call 866.543.2781 or email info@vkhanna.com to book or for more info.

Appetizers & Relishes
Put away the onion dip and
chips and surprise your guests with unforgettable appetizers from India - the perfect start to an unforgettable evening.
Course Number: CL-4
Duration: 2 hours

Healthy Indian Cooking
The ingredients to rejuvenate and heal are already in your kitchen. Explore the world of curries - they are not only flavorful but beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.
Course Number: CL-5
Duration: 2 hours

Vegetarian Delights
Learn about the cooking techniques of vegetarian dishes. The exotic use of spices will guarantee that every meal will be rich in flavor and nutrition.
Course Number: CL-1
Duration: 2 hours

Indian Grill
Discover the secrets and the perfect way to marinate meats for an unforgettable Indian grill feast.
Course Number: CL-2
Duration: 2 hours

Ayurvedic Foods
When the mind and the body are in perfect harmony it is know as the state of nirvana. Embrace the spirituality of spices to better harmonize your life.
Course Number: CL-3
Duration: 2 hours

A Taste of India you've read about it, tasted it and now learn the basic techniques of Indo-Chinese cuisine, the next trend in fusion. Be ahead of the curve.
Course Number: CL-6
Duration: 2 hours

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